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Screening and WHY?

Disclaimer - I have taken the time to create this. Do yourself & Me the peace of mind to read it if you don't understand the importance for screening.


For the comfort of the person you are seeing & your peace of mind screening is imperative before meeting with the person of your choice. You should use your due diligent before contacting them.

  • It will save you time

  • Safety safety safety safety - if the person you would like to see is a reputable person they will be happy that you will screen, It shows that you take what they do serious.

  • Get quicker response

  • Helps insure you are who you say you are

  • Secure a session with the person of your chose

Tip for you:

  • Do not waste Yours time and My time

  • Take your time & do the research

  • Whatever is needed for the person of your choice to feel comfortable & confident, give it to them ( keeping in mind you have researched them to know they have a good reputation)

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